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【NEW】SPECTRA Handsfree Cups - 2 sides (24/28mm)

【NEW】SPECTRA Handsfree Cups - 2 sides (24/28mm)

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Product Features


Pump whenever, wherever! SPECTRA Handsfree Cups allow you to pump anytime, anywhere and even on the go. Both your hands are free to multi-task while pumping. Simply place these lightweight handsfree cups in your bra and allow you to pump discreetly and conveniently. Box contains two handsfree cups compatible with Spectra S1+, S2+, Dual S, Dual Compact, 9+, M1 electric breast pumps (excluding Dew300) without the need of additional parts.

▸ Compatible with Spectra breast pumps
Designed for Spectra electric breast pumps including S1+, S2+, 9+ or Dual Compact breast pumps.

▸ Free to multi-task while pumping
An economical solution through full compatibility with Spectra breast pumps. You can pump in public and allow you to pump discreetly and conveniently.

▸ Lightweight
Made from lightweight materials that you can wear them in your bra to collect expressed milk comfortably.

▸ Closed system with Anti-backflow
Double layer system ensures that there is a complete physical barrier between the breast milk and outside polluted air and bacteria. It prevents backflow of milk into the pump which is safe and hygienic.

▸ 2-way functions
Handsfree set includes a pair of Wide neck bottle connectors. If you want to pump directly into the storage bottles, you can easily convert the handsfree cup using the provided bottle connectors.

▸ BPA free
BPA Free (0% Bisphenol A), tasteless and non-toxic.

▸ Size available
Available in two sizes: 24mm / 28mm, to meet evey mum's needs.

▸ Maximum storage capacity
Each handsfree cup can collect breast milk up to 250ml which holds a total of 500ml from both cups.

▸ Country of origin
South Korea


What's Included


▸ Two-side Handsfree cups Per Pack

  • Two (2) Milk Collection Cups
  • Two (2) Breast Shields with Backflow protectors and Silicone valves
  • Two (2) Wide Neck Bottle Connectors
  • Two (2) Tubing

Mothers are recommended to replace their breast pump parts every 8-12 weeks for optimal performance and hygiene.*.


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