SPECTRA S1+ 醫院級電動雙泵

Spectra Breast Pump for Comfort and Confidence

We believe every mother deserves a beautiful breastfeeding journey. Spectra prioritizes ease of use and comfort to keep you smiling with confidence.

Hospital grade breast pump
Spectra 的自然護理技術™ 通過模仿嬰兒在哺乳時輕柔的、自然吸吮動作刺激乳汁分泌,為媽媽提供更舒適的吸乳體驗

Spectra Natural Nursing Technology

Provides mothers with a more comfortable expressing experience by stimulating milk production through mimicking the gentle, natural sucking action of babies while breastfeeding

Dual Compact breast pump
  • 優質可靠 為您提供市場上最優質奶泵

    High quality and Reliable

    To provide you with the best quality breast pump on the market

  • <strong>Spectra 奶泵擁有優質售後服務</strong>

    Excellent customer service

    Provide excellent after-sales service and customer service

  • 最新科技 最新的科技給您最佳的吸乳體驗

    The latest technology

    The latest technology to give you the best breastfeeding experience