15 months Breastpump Premium Warranty

In addition to choosing to breastfeed, some mothers will also choose to express milk while breastfeeding to increase the amount of milk. In addition, breastfeeding mothers who start working after giving birth will also express milk in the office or nursing room. To continue to provide your baby with nutritious and antibody-rich breast milk. "Continuous" breastfeeding or expressing milk helps the mother's body to produce breast milk suitable for the baby at different stages according to the needs.

Breastfeeding Mothers who mainly express milk with electric breast pumps may experience a sudden malfunction of the electric breast pump, which may cause the pump to be "unusable" for a short period of time. This will greatly affect the amount of breast milk and affect the mood of mothers. We understand the needs of mothers and have launched comprehensive and considerate SPECTRA electric breast pump product maintenance services for up to 15 months. We provide customers with the following three-star guarantees to ensure that customers use our products with high quality and confidence.

15 months original parts maintenance service

We provide customers with high-quality and guaranteed after-sales service for up to 15 months.

Our repairing centre is equipped with original parts of various SPECTRA electric breast pumps for repairing, to ensure that your product is restored its best performance.

100% original factory repair guarantee

Our technicians are professional trained and completely understand the uniqueness of each breast pump. In additional, we provide 100% original factory maintenance services with original parts.

Free lending of electric breast pump

If the customer's electric breast pump needs to be repaired due to malfunction, in order to minimize the inconvenience and impact on breastfeeding, we will lend the same model of electric breast pump to the customer free of charge during the product maintenance period, so that customer can continue uninterrupted breastfeeding.